Basically, I and a friend or two will be posting a variety of topics, but will primarily focus on guns, politics, and the news, and frequently the three will overlap. There will also be the occasional (or frequent, depending on my mood) post about firearms portrayed in films, television, and video games – primarily, on all the things WRONG with said portrayals. Some exhaustING posts will focus on various facts about firearms history, identification, or other things of that nature. Aside from that, there may come ones about movies and music and gaming and food and popular culture. Whatever strikes our minds. And that can be a dangerous thing.

Dangerously fun.

Nah, not really…but we can pretend like it is 😀

-Baron Administrator Schwarmenius

Whoa there good buddy. I’m planning on doing lots of movie reviews because I’m a movie buff and because you’ll probably grab up the news and politics before I will even hear about it. However since we are having some focus on guns in this blog I plan on doing posts of how guns could shorten up movie problems faster than the actual methods used, or something similar.

Warmest Regards (sans those who are gonna hate on our constitutional rights),



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